Past Pupils Association

March 9th 2014

A message from the Secretary of the PPA. 

"Sadly, there have been no volunteers to carry on with arranging future meetings owing to increasing age and infirmity among the members.That the Association continued and flourished for 25 years following the closure of the Hollies is quite a testimony to the school, its staff, and pupils."

The charitable work of the Association could be carrried on through the online presence of the Hollies community. With no physical location or PPA, doing so would be a challenge, one that Hollies Alumni are well equipped to meet. 

The Hollies continues to work on in the lives of the women who were privileged to have been educated there, and who carry the memory of the school with them in their work, their homes, and their lives.

The Hollies online community can be found on Facebook.

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