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Posted by Pat Harris on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 Under: News

With the loss of data when MSN closed its free website hosting, and the closure of the Hollies Past Pupils' Association in 2014, and on-going family illness that prevents me maintaining it regularly, it is time this website had a new re-build. 


 A Friends of this site Facebook Page  provides another platform for alumni wishing to make contact with classmates.

A Hollies FCJ School Facebook page (not run by me) is the  sister-platform for Hollies alumni. Both FB groups require membership confirmation from admin.

A new guestbook application has been added to the site, and  the old domain name has been re-purchased  to make it easier for people who have a copy of the book to find us here again.

I'm in the process of trying to add a comments app. to each Blog entry - time that is better spent adding data from the printed copy of the old MSNhosted guestbook.

I have uncovered more unpublished items in my archives and will slowly update the website with relevant pages.

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